Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is our service fee?

    A very competitive service fee is charged in line with other short term property management companies. Unlike other agents, we do not charge onboarding or exit costs. Please contact us to discuss fees.

  • What do the listing platforms charge?
  • How much money will I make?
  • How do payouts work?
  • Do I need to declare this income to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)?
  • Is there insurance cover if guests damage my property?
  • What happens if I cancel a booking?
  • Can my guests check-in and check-out the same day?
  • How will guests access my home?
  • What to do if guests locks themselves out?

    We have simple procedures for these situations and will look after this for you.

  • Where can I lock my personal items?
  • Should I get professional photos?
  • Am I required to have a working smoke detector and fire extinguisher / blanket?
  • What's included in a cleaning service?
  • Should I supply linen?
  • What if my neighbour lodges a complaint?
  • How do reviews work?
  • Should I contact my local Council?
  • How do I start the process?

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